juin 14, 2024
New Government Planner to help thousands of disabled university students into work

New Government Planner to help thousands of disabled university students into work

Hundreds of thousands of students with disabilities will benefit from a new government planner who will ease their transition to work.

The new adaptation planner will be used at all universities and colleges in the UK
The planner collects important information about a student’s adaptation needs, which can be easily shared with potential employers
The results of the study show that disabled students who use the planner are more confident when entering the labor market
Hundreds of thousands of students with disabilities at universities and colleges should benefit from a new government planner to facilitate their transition to the labour market.

Following a successful pilot project at several major universities, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) adaptation planner will be deployed to all university students in time for the next school year.

The Minister for Disability, Health and Labour, Tom Pursglove, said:

Finding a job at university as a disabled student can be stressful, but it has been shown that our new adaptation planner facilitates this process and helps more people with disabilities to start working, to stay and be successful.

«I am pleased that this initiative is now being implemented in UK universities, removing barriers to employment and helping more people with disabilities reach their full potential.»

Robert Halfon, Minister for Skills, Teaching and Higher Education, said:

It is important that people with disabilities have access to the same opportunities for advancement if we want to build a country with first-class skills that benefits everyone.

‘As a long-time advocate for social justice, I am delighted that people with disabilities now have access to adaptation passports for all higher education institutions. Regardless of the region or sector of activity, people with disabilities can feel safe and supported both during studies and when entering the labour market. ‘

The volunteer planner collects relevant student needs, which can then be easily passed on to employers – without repeated assessments and conversations for adjustments such as certain desks and chairs, Help software or organization of the trip to work are necessary.

The planner will also reduce the need for an access to work assessment and allow all students who complete higher education to benefit from the program more quickly. This ensures that people with disabilities have the necessary equipment to work effectively.

The planner also provides useful advice on the types of government funding and support available to help employers harness the potential of millions of people with disabilities across the UK.

Professor Deborah Johnston, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of London South Bank University (LSBU), said:

‘Moving from training to employment is never easy and it can be even harder for students with disabilities. Conversations about disability can often be misunderstood by employers and people with disabilities may feel frustrated by the system they face, which can act as a barrier to employment.

« The Adjustment Planner pilot project showed overwhelmingly that students with disabilities feel more confident that their needs are understood and met by their new employers with the planner. The new adapted